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1 Note eco-morfologiche su alcune specie ofidiche egee, con particolare riferimento alle popolazioni delle Cicladi centro-orientali
2 Food habits of Zamenis longissimus (Laurenti, 1768) (Reptilia: Serpentes: Colubridae) in Bieszczady (south-eastern Poland)
3 Molecular systematics of racers, whipsnakes and relatives (Reptilia: Colubridae) using mitochondrial and nuclear markers
4 Phylogenetic relationships among European ratsnakes of the genus Elaphe Fitzinger based on mitochondrial DNA sequence comparisons
5 Genetic relationships between populations and intraspecific subdivision of Elaphe longissima (Laurenti, 1768) as suggested by plasma protein electrophoresis and DNA fingerprinting
6 Phylogeny of the Colubroidea (Serpentes): New evidence from mitochondrial and nuclear genes
7 Feeding strategies of Elaphe longissima from contrasting Mediterranean habitats in central Italy
8 Are endemic snakes with a narrow distribution more specialist than their wide-ranging counterparts? Evidence from the prey composition and morphometric correlates of the diet in Zamenis lineatus, a rat snake endemic to southern Italy
9 The foraging ecology of the gray rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta spiloides). II. Influence of habitat structural complexity when searching for arboreal avian prey
10 Mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of the polytypic north American Rat Snake (Elaphe obsoleta): a critique of the subspecies concept
11 The adductor mandibulae in Elaphe and related genera
12 Seasonal and Prey-size Dietary Patterns of Black Ratsnakes
13 Vorkommen der Äskulapnatter (Elaphe longissima) am Inn bei Braunau
14 Nachweis einer vitalen Population der Äskulapnatter (Elaphe longissima longissima) im Gemeindegebiet von Braunau am Inn (Oberösterreich)
15 Die Verbreitung der Äskulapnatter Elaphe iongissima zwischen Burghausen und Passau-Jochenstein: Neue Befunde und eine historische Interpretation
16 The prey spectrum of terrestrial snakes in the Tolfa Mountains (Latium, Central Italy). A synthesis from earlier analyses
17 Broad geographic, taxonomic and ecological patterns of interpopulation variation in the dietary habits of snakes
18 Appunti di erpetologia Rodiota
19 L’ofidiofauna delle isole Egee di Halki e Tilos (Dodecaneso) con segnalazione di un nuovo fenotipo di Dolichophis jugularis (LINNAEUS)
20 Death feinning behavior in three colubrid species of tropical Asia
21 Studio dell’atteggiamento sessuale tra rettili dello stesso sesso
22 Il sessaggio dei serpenti
23 Un serpente riconoscente
24 Risveglio e accoppiamento dell' Elaphe guttata
25 Responses to prey odors in juvenile of the snake Elaphe obsoleta spiloides, a predatory generalist
26 The ratsnakes (genus Elaphe) of Florida, di William E. Haast and Robert Anderson)
27 Elaphe quatuorlineata nel Lazio
28 Elaphe quatuorlineata nella Provincia di Roma, di Claudio Bagnoli
29 Presenza di Elaphe longissima longissima MELANICA a Castelfusano (RM)
30 Phylogenetic relationships of old world ratsnakes based on visceral organ topography, osteology, and allozyme variation
31 Ornamentazione del capo in Zamenis situla, di D. Bimbo
32 A multivariate approach to the systematics of Italian rat snakes of the Elaphe longissima complex (Reptilia, Colubridae): revalidation of Camerano's Callopeltis longissimus var. lineata
33 Molecular systematics and phylogeny of Old and New World ratsnakes, Elaphe auct., and related genera
34 Letargo in Pantherophis guttatus
35 Ritrovato un serpente con due teste ad Alicante, da El Noticiero
36 Habitat, abitudini alimentari e biologia riproduttiva di Zamenis situla nel sud Italia, di Massimo Capula, Luca Luiselli, U. Agrimi, Rosario Aguilar and C. Anibaldi
37 Pantherophis guttatus F.A.Q.
38 The evolutionary relationship of snakes suggested by the sequences of CYT B and 12S RRNA gene fragmented from snake crude drugs
39 Effetti sulla complessità strutturale dell'habitat sui successi predatori in Pantherophis o. spiloides riguardo le prede arboricole, di tephen J. Mullin, Robert J. Cooper and William H. N. Gutzke, Department of Biology, University of Memphis, TN, USA)
40 Pantherophis guttatus in Colorado, di Geoffrey A. Hammerson
41 Un Pantherophis obsoletus obsoletus si ferma a cena, di Gregory C. Greer
42 Convenzione di Berna
43 Atteggiamenti difensivi in Pantherophis guttatus
44 Allevamento dei topi
45 Alimentazione forzata di serpenti neonati
46 Albinism in the Corn Snake
47 Albinism in the Elaphe climacophora

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